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How to Turn Your Spending Habits into a Savings Habit

Would you like to have more money in your savings account?

You can increase the amount of money you save this month by staying mindful of how you spend your money. 

Take control of your savings; modify your money mindset! You will help yourself save and get more for your money if you: 

Make Saving, Not Shopping, Your Hobby! 

If you tend to shop for fun, consider putting this habit on pause. Reflect: what are healthier, more affordable ways to reward yourself? Exercising outdoors or joining a local health class will likely cost you less than a trip to the mall. Instead of perusing an online sale, check in with your support network. Chances are your friends, family, and peers would be more than happy to catch up, even simply over the phone. A few moments spent connecting with others will be more replenishing and rewarding than time spent shopping for items you likely do not need.

Use a Spending Budget.

No two budgets are the same: take time to adjust yours to your personal needs and savings goals. In general, the act of making your budget will give you the big picture of your funds. Make sure every bill and recurring necessary expense is accounted for in your budget. An accurate budget will help you cover your expenses and stay on track, both today and in the future. When you know how much you need to spend, you also know how much room you have to save. If you stick to your budget, you should never run the risk of overspending. Your budget can help you save as much money as possible, as well as tell you how much further you need to go to achieve your next financial goal.

Plan Your Purchases Based on Needs . . .

Not wants. Spending mindfully, rather than when you feel like splurging, will help you build the financial foundation you deserve. Do not buy something simply because of the cool factor. Instead, do research before you make any major purchase. If you are unsure if a certain larger financial move is right for you, consult with one of your financial mentors. Savings translates to greater peace of mind.

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