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How to Tackle Your Tasks at Your Best

Sometimes, you need to put in long hours to succeed. 

With a little preparation and intention, you can maintain your energy and mental clarity during tough, challenging workdays. You’ll set yourself up for success in the face of long hours if you: 

Get Organized. 

Plan how you’ll approach your day. Get a clear sense of how you will spend the hours ahead of you. In the interest of maintaining your productive flow, time block similar tasks together. Watch out for timewasters that can eat into both your workflow and energy. Don’t multitask! Distractions like watching content “in the background” of your work or checking non-work-related messages frequently throughout the day will sap your mental energy. 

Eat Something. 

Don’t try to live on hopes and caffeine alone, especially on long or difficult days. Give yourself real food and adequate sources of protein to eat. When you know you have a long day ahead of you, consider packing nutritious meals and snacks to have on hand ahead of time.

Take Breaks! 

While it pays to work hard and maximize your time, straining your mind and body too far can be detrimental to your health and happiness. Take walks or stretch breaks when your work allows it. Your mind and body likely need the break! Physical pain and tension can increase your stress levels, making it harder for you to think clearly and make wise decisions. Taking even small breaks can enable you to face your work with fresh eyes.

Allow Yourself to Take Joy in Your Present. 

Have pride in the good work that you’re doing! You’ve worked hard to get yourself and your business to this point. If you find things that bring you joy throughout the day, acknowledge them. Even small victories and observations can give you the boost you need to keep going.

Reach Out. 

Are your energy levels dragging at certain points throughout the day? Contact a mentor or inspirational peer. They can share their own tips for how they keep their batteries charged, as well as help you find solutions for any challenges that are slowing you down. Likewise, they can help you remember how much closer your efforts are bringing you to your professional and financial goals! 

Rest and Recover. 

Incorporate a self-care routine that allows you to address the needs of both your mind and body after a long workday. Get enough sleep before and after long days! Remember, doctors recommend at least seven to nine hours of sleep each night. 

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