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How to Avoid These Disruptions To Saving

Are you struggling to consistently save money each month? The subconscious may be playing a role. Read the following five saving-disrupting motivators and see if they resonate with you:

  • Indecision: Perhaps you cannot decide on an amount to save monthly, or feel unsure what the next best financial decision is for you in general. Whatever reason is making you hesitate to take action, consider talking about it with a financially minded friend or a knowledgeable financial professional.
  • Indifference: You may feel like you don’t need to worry about saving right now. Maybe you think you’re making enough money to get by, or maybe you believe that someday you’ll receive a major payday that guarantees your financial security. Even if you believe you’ll never retire, protect yourself from life-disrupting what-ifs by your building yourself an emergency fund.
  • Wishing Instead of Willing: Unfortunately, as suggested above, just because we want a certain outcome, does not mean we are always going to see those results. Simply saying you will save, and then hoping for a new savings habit, does not create change. Instead, create small, specific steps that you can follow.
  • Lack of Organized Planning: Your plan may not be working because you never made it into a plan in the first place. You said, “I’ll save when I can,” and have a loosey-goosey end date in mind for your next financial step. Instead, pick a firm date by which you want to meet a financial goal, which will enable you to calculate the monthly amount you can afford to save, and meet your goal on time.
  • Low on Financial Gas: You may not be meeting your goals because you feel like you truly don’t have the funds. If you have not done so already, tweak your budget for a few months to see where you can find wiggle room. If your cash is still tight, keep pushing yourself to save, in anticipation of future financial emergencies, and consider pursuing a second career and source of income.

To learn more ways to improve your financial life, including embarking on an exciting second career, visit the Syncis blog at http://www.syncis.com/blog/.