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How Mindful People Channel Their Anxiety into Positive Action

During the week, having stressful moments is normal. Thankfully, the habits associated with a mindful lifestyle can help you identify the sources of your concerns and act to create appropriate and meaningful change (without being paralyzed by your worrying!). 

With time and practice, you can learn to channel your anxieties into action. Many productive people are able to teach themselves to steer their concerns in a positive direction because they take empowering steps such as following:

They Identify Their Anxieties: Awareness is key. You can’t address what bothers you unless you identify it in the first place. Once you become aware of your anxiety, you enable yourself to take better control of how you feel, as well as how you respond in the face of your stressors.  

They Dedicate Time to Worrying: Stress can be an indicator of how you feel about both your present and your future. There is no need to feel guilt for being concerned or anxious; in fact, scheduling time to think about what troubles you head-on can be healthy. Stress can be a sign that you need to push yourself to perform at your best or to collaborate with a larger team when tasks get out of hand. Do not let worry take control of your day. Instead, build in times to think about, address, and recover from your various stressors.

They Dedicate Time to Living in the Present: Our brain receives and interprets a large number of stimuli all day long. It takes practice and discipline to develop a mindful response to stress-induced mental activity. With time, you will see that you become a little better with your mindful responses each day. Give yourself the bandwidth to appreciate the goals you have reached and the values you have upheld. This habit will help you identify the positive actions and outcomes you can achieve in your efforts to address the sources of your anxiety. 

They Reach Out to Their Support Networks: There are a number of people who have helped you grow into the person you are today. Reach out to your mentors and similar-minded peers. Ask them how they skillfully address the challenges they face during the week. They may even have dealt with scenarios like the ones you are encountering now! 

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