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Habits That Improve Your Focus in Any Setting

Whether you work from home or an office, you likely have moments during your day when you struggle to focus. 

Reflect: could some of your habits be getting in the way of your ability to focus on your work? If you would like to create a distraction-free workspace and improve your focus, consider adopting the following habits: 

Don’t Overwork: Give your brain time to recover throughout your day. Even taking a walk to the bathroom can give your brain the reboot time it needs. Working for hours or days without rest can lead to burnout. When you reach a certain point of exhaustion, your productivity and ability to focus inevitably suffer. If you allow your mind and body to recuperate periodically, you will have an easier time resisting distractions and knocking out tasks.   

Don’t Take Too Many Breaks: Of course, there is such a thing as taking too many breaks! If you reward yourself every few minutes or often catch yourself leaving your work to go relax, watch out. The act of repeatedly breaking your concentration can lead to unhelpful mental habits down the road. Push yourself to resist the temptation of taking breaks every few minutes to check social media or watch funny videos. This also means you should not have social media applications running on your screen while you work. You have likely heard about the negative impact that multitasking has on people’s ability to think and focus: During office hours, make sure you have open only the screens and applications related to your job. Instead of watching TV while you work, use entertainment as a reward for later to focus now. 

Do Block Your Time: “Time blocking” refers to the habit of tackling similar tasks during designated blocks of time. If you work on related tasks in a row, you will be more productive because your brain can streamline and focus without the need to pivot back and forth between multiple actions. Time blocking can help you simplify your schedule, as well as identify and prioritize tasks of greater importance versus smaller tasks. In addition, time blocking will help you decide when it should be time for you to do work chores versus your personal chores. For example, setting aside time after work to engage with your social media or watch the latest videos will help you focus during office hours and resist the desire to reward yourself intermittently throughout your day. 

Do Schedule Breaks & Me Time: Stress can derail your ability to focus. Make time for self-care in your week! Wondering if you have the right work-life balance? Consult with a mentor. They can help you find the healthy habits you need to stay well and excel in the face of challenges in any setting. 

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