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Free Yourself from Financial Guilt

As much as we may plan for our financial well being, chances are we’ve also had that “oh no!” moment; the moment we realize we didn’t spend or plan as wisely as we would have liked. Our financial mishap may be as straightforward as a late credit card payment, or as overwhelming as not having enough funds to cover an emergency.

During times like these, it’s common for us to feel embarrassed, regretful, and stressed. But if we focus on the negative aspects of our situation by complaining about it or criticizing and condemning ourselves, we’re paralyzing our financial progress, not improving it!

Here are five things you can do to help you turn a financial misstep into an opportunity for personal growth, rather than crisis:

  • Feel But Move Forward: It’s not uncommon to feel guilty or foolish when we realize we’ve made a mistake. But try to limit these self-defeating emotions to as short a period as possible. Whether you’re simply feeling the sting of tightened purse strings, or full-on panicking, you must believe your future is full of opportunity.
  • Broader Perspective: Your finances are just one element of your life. Reflect on the accomplishments you and those around you have shared.
  • Constructive Criticism: Identify what, if anything, you can do differently in the future. Whether we are three or ninety-three, we can always learn something new and improve our lives!
  • Imagine the Future: The truth is, it will take years for many of us to realize our major financial dreams. While our timelines may all look equally as long, the paths that take us to our goals do not all look the same! Have faith you will overcome your financial hiccup and fulfill your specific goals.
  • Talk to People: Even if you believe a solution is possible, you may have a hard time finding reliable answers to your financial questions. Consider reaching out to a financial professional to help you create a plan that recovers your finances from your mistake and addresses your particular needs. You are not the first person to struggle financially; share your efforts with your friends and family, and you might be surprised by the support you receive!

No matter how bad your financial situation, believe that you can and will get yourself into a better place of financial security. To learn about other ways to improve your financial life, visit Syncis at http://www.syncis.com/blog/.