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Five Expensive Habits Keeping You From Reaching Your Financial Goals

We all have our little rituals to help us get through the day. Unfortunately, some of these practices may not necessarily be healthy for our bodies, or our wallets! Push yourself to cut the following five habits from your life, so that you’ll have more resources to grow your emergency and retirement funds:

  • Fast Food: The price tag on that value meal isn’t as low as you think. You may pay for the cheap immediacy later with medical bills and higher insurance premiums related to an unhealthy diet! Also beware of vending machines, which are not only usually overpriced, but also promote unhealthy snacking.
    Soda: The sugars in soda can lead to weight gain and diabetes down the road. Diabetes and weight gain impact your wallet through medical bills and higher insurance premiums. Plus sugar, sodium, and caffeine actually dehydrate you—the opposite of what you want a beverage to do!
  • Shopping: While the modern mall might be a beautiful place to go for a promenade, don’t let yourself step past the storefront, or be tempted by sales. Stick to your monthly budget, rather than turning to spending as a hobby or therapy.
  • Smoking: The average cost of a box of cigarettes is $6, and in many states the price is much higher. Weekly expenses aside, the long-term cost of treating emphysema and perhaps cancer make smoking a very expensive habit.
  • Turn it Off: Take time away from your TV and computer. Not only will it save your energy bill, it can also open up your schedule to activate your mind and body with a walk or a good book that will help you work towards your goals in life.