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Find and Maintain Your Ideal Pace

If you want to support an ideal workflow for you and your team, try to: 

Find Joy in Tiny Steps

Break larger, overwhelming tasks into smaller, simpler tasks. From there, you can find a pace that feels both fulfilling and productive. Pay attention to each moment as you work through your day. Allowing yourself to be present can help you find the aspects of your work you enjoy. As much as possible, seek opportunities to do the type of work you take pleasure in—joy instills us with greater energy for our day!

Stay True to You.

Accept yourself for who you are. Self-doubt only slows you down. Remind yourself that you are doing the best you can at this point on your path. At the same time, accepting who you are also means identifying and then improving areas of weakness. Also, remember that making mistakes is part of the growth journey. Missteps and bad luck are simply opportunities to learn more about yourself; failing, trying again, and learning from failure are all integral parts of becoming your most successful self. 


Follow your curiosity. Consider trying new tasks or pursuits to see if their benefits are a good match for you. Habits like listening to brain-stimulating music, sitting in a quiet location, and a mindfulness practice can also help improve your concentration (and they are free and take only a few seconds to adopt!).

Get Advice.

Wondering how you can improve your performance? Ask for feedback. Consult with a mentor who knows you well. They likely have their own tried-and-true methods of staying productive. Clients and teammates alike can help you identify tasks and responsibilities where you shine and where you need to improve. 

Be Kind.

Our minds and bodies are not designed to be in work mode 24/7. Give yourself time to rest and recover each day. Overwork can lead to burnout! Burnout translates to low energy, high stress, and poor health. But also acknowledge that seasons of high stress in the workplace are normal. Practicing self-care on a consistent basis will support you during times when your professional endurance is put to the test.  

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