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Fight the Urge to Splurge

Ads and discounts are everywhere: your email inbox, the websites you visit, and the magazines you pick up at the store. Even social media is full of people and products tempting you to spend your hard-earned money on items and services you don’t need

Thanks to targeted digital marketing, companies know more about your spending habits than ever. They’re doing their best to entice you to spend. These personal-tailored temptations can appear on all your devices at any time. 

How can you resist the urge to shop in these moments?

You will have an easier time resisting these tempting, tricky attempts to get you to part with your money if you: 

Do Research before Any Purchase.

What a product promises versus what it delivers are two very different things. Take time to research a product or service through multiple sources before you spend. Likewise, you should reflect and check to see if you even need to make said purchase at all. You may realize you already have an item similar to the one you are considering buying. Or you may recognize you were (almost) duped by a convincing ad campaign to buy a product you truly do not need.  

Watch TV Mindfully.

Movies and television shows are essentially commercials. The cars, clothes, and other items on the screen are often paid-for advertisements, designed to make you want you to buy what the actors are wearing and using.  

Communicate Your Goals with Friends & Family.

If you have certain friends who like to overspend on nights on the town, communicate your financial goals to them. Consider getting together over more budget-friendly activities, like daytime hikes or meals hosted at home. They’ll likely be supportive and possibly even willing to join you on your savings journey. 

Take Pride In What You Have.

Resist the urge to compare lifestyles and buy the latest and greatest. Practice gratitude for what you already have. Focus on protecting and caring for your current items, as well as maintaining your savings progress.

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