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Balancing Two Careers? No Problem!

Maybe you want to increase your income. Maybe you want to fulfill a long-term dream. Either way, if you’re considering starting a second career, but feeling afraid you won’t be able to handle the workload, then have no fear! With a little bit of organization, and a whole lot of perseverance, you may discover that adding a second career is just what you need to meet your financial goals.

The following four tips can help you balance and succeed in two careers:

  • Useful Tools: The human mind can only recall so much. Whether you prefer a tablet or paper planner, make time to organize a weekly and daily calendar. Allot time each week to assess your schedule and make sure there is no overlap between projects and appointments.
  • Best Possible Situation: Consider a second career that not only nurtures your skills, but also is as enjoyable as possible. Do you want something that challenges and engages you, or something that is repetitive and without surprises?
  • Self-Care: You’re committing yourself to a busier schedule. You want to be as healthy and high-energy as possible! Prepare food at home; you don’t want to risk wasting money dining out or buying endless and expensive coffees. Take exercise breaks, find supportive friends, and get enough sleep.
  • Stay Focused: Keep your eyes on the prize. What financial goal is your increased income going toward? Since your time is now more limited, aspire to be as productive as possible. Cut out distractions like phone and TV when working.

It will take time to acclimate to your new schedule, as well as to see progress in your new career. To learn more about second careers, visit Syncis at