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When to Trust Advice (and When to Keep Moving)

You just received advice; how do you know if it’s trustworthy? 

With a little practice, you can learn how to tell the difference between what’s right for you and fad or foolish advice that isn’t worthy of your time. 

When receiving advice, ask yourself the following: 

Is this right for me?  

Reflect on the information you’re receiving. Is this an aspect of yourself or your approach that needs changing? If you’re already making healthy progress, don’t waste energy on advice that won’t take you in the direction you want or that might undo the progress you’ve already achieved. You don’t necessarily need to upend your current plans if they are already working for you and based on time-tested approaches. 

Does this advice sound too good to be true?

Sometimes people may give you general, vague advice. Their recommendations may sound like they fit you at first, but their broad advice might not help you make any meaningful progress in the end. Likewise, don’t waste time with plans that promise large returns after little time and effort. Truly appropriate, beneficial advice will enable you to work harder, become more disciplined, and achieve worthwhile outcomes.

Do I trust the source of this advice? 

Make sure any advice-giver is credible and worthy of your respect and trust. Consider the ethos or authority of the person giving you said advice. If they are trustworthy and have achieved real results and success with their claims, give appropriate weight to their advice. In general, you will benefit from following the example of people who practice what they say and have achieved success that inspires and motivates you. 

How has this advice worked for others in the past?

Before adopting any new habits or strategies, assess if and how they have helped other entrepreneurs achieve and exceed their goals. To set yourself up for wise decision-making, when you receive advice, consult with your trusted mentors. Trust advice from individuals who have excelled in your field, know your personal goals, and have shown time and again they know how to succeed.

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