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What Makes a Great Team?

Teamwork is often the secret to a business’s successes. The right team can promote problem-solving and increase overall productivity!

When we all work together, we enable everyone involved to achieve larger goals and greater impact. 

How can you create the best team possible for your business? Research shows that today’s most successful teams have these characteristics in common: 

A Shared Purpose 

Instill people with a sense of purpose. Concepts like service, independence, and innovation are just some of the many goals that a team can truly get behind. The best way to create and communicate a shared purpose is to practice inclusiveness and clear messaging with your team. It is important not only to communicate the goals of everyone’s individual roles clearly to them but also to make clear how their contributions enable the business to achieve its broader goals and standards as a whole. 

A Range of Experience 

Solutions can truly come from anywhere; a team of people with varied expertise and experiences is highly valuable. You will find strength in numbers! The more relevantly varied the members on your team, the more likely someone will identify opportunities to strengthen your business’s daily practices. The more diverse your team, the better and broader the scope will be when you and your team make plans or seek solutions. 

A Leader Who Supports Them

The most successful teams practice respect. Leaders set the example for how this will be upheld. Make a habit of outwardly showing you value and support your team. When a team believes that you value their contributions, they will feel more comfortable making suggestions and sharing their ideas. If a team member knows mistakes, once remedied, will be treated as a learning opportunity, not necessarily a moment of chastisement or for being thrown under the bus, they will know they are truly respected. An overly negative or critical environment will in fact squash excellence, not promote it.

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