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How to Be a Leader in Any Role

Regardless of your role or occupation, you can make a difference in any setting. How? By being a leader. Leaders seek to solve problems, encourage teamwork, and set a positive example that others can’t help but follow. 

Whether you are a team leader or a team member, you have the power to help you and your team succeed. You will be a leader, in any position, if you: 

Celebrate Others: Acknowledge others’ good ideas. Likewise, praise what you feel are people’s strengths. Make an effort to check in on the latest achievements people have made in your professional and support network as well! These individuals have helped you get to where you are today. It takes only a few minutes to share your congratulations when their hard work pays off for them! Your encouragement will have a ripple effect; the more you can tell people their effort is appreciated, the more motivated everyone will feel. Your acknowledgments will energize them to keep up their efforts. 

Find Their Motivators: Leaders make a habit of getting to know their team so they can connect more meaningfully with everyone involved. Take time to learn what drives the people around you. As you learn more about people’s values and thought processes, you will get a better idea of how you can communicate and problem solve with them. Appealing to people’s motivators will make your words more compelling and comprehensible. 

Focus on Work: Leaders maintain a professional, respectful mindset at all times. While personal stories and stressors are healthy to share, try to keep your focus on your and your team’s goals and maintain a positive attitude.

Connect over Shared Values: Identify what matters most to you. Emphasize these goals and values in everything you do. Your habit of sticking to your values can be contagious! Likewise, getting everyone on the same page about shared goals will help each person know their role is meaningful in a broader context. 

Demonstrate Bravery: Leaders make their presence known. Actively participate in team activities. Have faith in what you have to contribute! Don’t be afraid to ask questions, take initiative, or take action in general. Not comfortable with speaking up? Your mentor can help you get more comfortable with taking calculated risks in your professional spheres. 

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