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Want To Be A Better Leader? Maintain a Mindset of Abundance

Whether you are the leader of 1 or 100 people, your team will follow your example—during good times and bad. Unfortunately, it is impossible to avoid stress, frustration, and times of crisis completely. If everything seems to be going wrong, push yourself to still approach your team from a place of giving. Their time and effort are an integral part of the success you hope to achieve. 

As you yourself have likely experienced, an attitude of abundance can promote higher levels of happiness in others! Even if your team has a shoestring budget, if you speak and behave generously, you are letting your team know their effort is valued. 

Abundance is a mindset; be a leader who promotes a rich, supported state of being in those around you. The following are ways you can model generosity during times of stress include: 

Say Thank You: Your team cannot read your mind! Thank them for their time and effort. Be specific. If possible, acknowledge exactly what you appreciate about their work. If your team is undergoing stress or strain, your flexibility and understanding are also a valuable expression of appreciation. 

Offer to Help: Reach out to the people in your network. Someone you haven’t heard from in a while could likely use your support, even if it’s just a thoughtful ear. Likewise, check in with your team to see if they could use assistance in any way. During crisis times, they need you more than ever. You can also use this time to allow your team to share their new ideas and innovations with you.

Give as a Group: Volunteer your time. And promote volunteering within your team! Consider organizing a donation drive to local charities. For example, encourage your team to clean out their closets or pantries and donate necessities to benefit families in need.  

Join the Conversation: You yourself have likely benefited from mentorship. Now it’s your turn. If you can, give back. Mentorship can make a difference in someone else’s professional trajectory. This is an excellent time to learn how to record and edit videos and host online meetings. If you share content that clearly expresses your and your teams’ goals, you can help reduce stress and align everyone to your joined cause. 

Caring leaders are good leaders. Learn more ways to lift up your team during times of crisis at the Syncis Money Blog today.