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How To Leverage Change in Order to Continually Improve

Change is an inevitable fact of life. Whether you’re facing short-term change, like a temporary economic recession, or a long-lasting shift in habits, it is possible to find the positive in almost any change.

Leaders can set the tone for how their team, family, or greater network respond to change, both expected and unforeseen. 

You will set up your colleagues, team members, and yourself to make the most of change if you: 

Make Change Something You Do Regularly: While change is not always anticipated or welcome, it is not inherently negative. In the interest of maintaining their team’s positivity in the face of change, today’s top leaders promote and practice adaptability. If you are a leader who would like to help your team persevere in the face of change, make a habit of learning new skills and facing new situations. This routine will greatly reduce your anxiety when unexpected events arise. Developing back-up plans with your team will encourage them to innovate and help them become more flexible. When creating your plans, anticipate common fluctuations and risks associated with your field. 

Control Your Outward Example: Your tone, your actions, and even your facial expression convey nuanced information to your team. While stress or discomfort are normal initial responses to change, push yourself to work through this urge and instead focus on realistic actions and next steps. 

Focus on Solutions to Problems: Changes like those that come with recessions or changes in consumer demands can always create unforeseen issues. Encourage others to focus on solving problems, instead of fixating on them. Help your team, family, and network have faith in themselves. Show them how they can come up with the right solutions. It may take time to find the best course of action, but reassure them that with each other’s support, everyone will get back on track. 

A positive attitude yields positive results. Learn more ways to be prepared professionally and financially for change at the Syncis Money Blog