These Two Common Mistakes Can Delay Your Retirement

Are you having trouble growing your savings account, paying off bills, or even covering your rent or mortgage? Reassess your spending habits; you could be making one of two common financial mistakes:

  • Unnecessary Spending: Many of us are guilty of this! If you’re not meeting your financial goals, then shopping the latest sale or buying craft beers just might not be affordable right now. Limit ATM fees, drive yourself rather than Uber, and cook rather than order out.
  • Spending What You Don’t Have: Credit cards bills can grow out of control if we don’t stick to spending what we can pay off each month. Keep track of your balance and don’t let yourself get maxed out.

Write down your weekly and monthly expenses, so you can visualize where and how you need to make your money work for you. Remember, your financial discipline will help you experience the comfortable retirement you deserve.