Seven Ways To Save Money This Month

It’ll take more than cutting out your daily Starbucks.

  1. Love Your Leftovers
    • Cook at home and pack future meals. Your health also benefits: restaurant food is high in sodium.
  2. Sell Unused Items on eBay, Craigslist, or apps like Vinted and Carousell.
  3. Carpool
  4. Keep Your Tires Inflated
  5. Reduce Power Usage: use timers or unplug devices
  6. Request a Credit Card Rate Reduction
    •  Every 2 PSI of air improves gas mileage by 1 percent.
    • Large balance on your credit card? Call your card company, request a rate reduction. They don’t approve? One idea is to consider a 0 percent balance transfer to another card.
  7. When Considering a Purchase, Ask Yourself: Do I need it?