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The Value of Other People

In a world as busy and demanding as ours, it can be easy to feel like you are alone in your struggles. But whether you are trying to reach a goal, finding a new approach to a problem, or simply regaining confidence in yourself, don’t shut yourself off from the people around you. Instead, temporarily push the mute button on your own concerns, and turn a thoughtful ear to the voices of both like- and diverse-minded people around you.

Try to adapt these three communication habits if you want to take in the full benefit of the people you know and work with:

  • Express Genuine Interest: Our personal lives can impact our professional lives, and vice versa. If you take time to inquire about the important events in a person’s life, you show them you care. In addition to demonstrating your respect for a team member or friend, showing interest in what others care about opens you up to acquiring new habits and new perspectives regarding your own struggles.
  • Listen More Than You Speak: If you are feeling stuck on something, or down on yourself, meet with someone you respect. Instead of sharing your frustrations for ten minutes straight, take a backseat in the conversation. But you’re no passive passenger, either; over time, you will get better at asking your colleague questions. By listening, you will not only hear things you may not have been able to come up with on your own, but you will also once more convey how much you value this person. You may additionally find there are times when you may not know what to do in a personal or financial situation; it is these times that our willingness to seek out a professional, and listen to what they have to say, can lead us to the solutions and improvements we need.
  • Don’t Keep It Bottled Up: If you appreciate what someone has said or done, tell them. Don’t be afraid to share honest praise with your team member. If you are willing to express genuine support and provide feedback with your peers and friends when they succeed, they will more likely be happy to help you on your path to identifying your own strengths.

When you feel uninspired, stuck, or overwhelmed, turn to the people around you. Strength comes from a strong support system. By leveraging others, you’ll increase the likelihood of experiencing personal and professional growth!

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