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How to Gain Confidence in Your Financial Future

When it comes to meeting our financial goals, one thing can often stand in our way: a lack of confidence in ourselves. As Napoleon Hill expressed in his famous book, Think & Grow Rich, “the dominating thoughts of” our minds “will eventually reproduce themselves in outward, physical action.” In other words, if we feel timid, criticize ourselves, and second-guess our ideas, we are in fact, and unfortunately, more likely to invite negativity and roadblocks to manifest in our lives.

However, if we commit to a practice of nurturing our self-confidence, any individual can meet and exceed their personal, professional, and financial goals. For example, a team member could boldly reach out to a prospect despite being reluctant to do so, and close a new deal as a result. A shopper, confident in their wants and needs, ignores the temptation to buy the latest-and-trendiest, and sticks to their budgeted list.

Grow confidence in yourself by taking these three steps:

  • Take Time to Focus: Schedule time each and every day to focus purely on nurturing confidence in yourself. Even if you devote just ten minutes daily, make sure you put all your other worries, commitments, and distractions aside. Think solely about the person you want to become, and the achievements that you want to associate with your best self. This isn’t just ten minutes of day dreaming. You are in fact putting yourself in a healthy, necessary mindset for success.
  • Motivation and Support: Surround yourself with friends not only interested in their own self-improvement, but who also respect and root for yours. Nothing builds confidence like a win: consider holding a friendly competition among your friends to see who can meet and exceed their savings goals!
  • Challenge Yourself: Whether you want to learn a new skill to be proud of, or would feel more confident if you could increase your savings contributions to your emergency fund, your personal reflection may lead you to decide it’s time to increase your income and pursue a second career.

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