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The Value of Focus

Between what we have to take care of right now, tomorrow, next week, and even next year, it can be easy to let our thoughts and attention bounce around from one idea to another. From our hopes for the future to the latest notification on our phone, if we want to achieve the things we envision for our lives, focus is key. So how do we spend our time completing essential tasks, rather than getting caught in a web of distraction?

First, determine where to focus your time and energy. Consider the following areas:

  • Your Finances: A house, a new car, or early retirement. Chances are, you have at least one major dream for your financial future. But if you don’t make a point of building the financial security necessary to fulfill your dream, your financial goal may remain in the far-away future. One way to turn your financial hopes into real accomplishments is to focus on the small steps you need to achieve in the present and determine where to allocate your savings. For example, focus on building an emergency fund or diminishing your debt in order to make real savings strides and afford major purchases without worry.
  • Professional Growth: You may want to advance in your career, or to expand your search for a more satisfying career. Choose specific ways that you would like to grow and devote time and energy toward accomplishing these goals. You may decide that you want to gain more clients, for example. Or, you may decide to ask other professionals for advice on their client-prospecting practices. Also, consider creating challenges for yourself. For example, you can commit to cold calling more people each week. The time you devote, uninterrupted, to enriching your professional skills, is laying the path necessary for your ideal professional growth.

Next, train your brain to focus. Focus often does not come instantly or easily. You will have an easier time focusing if you make time to identify your priorities, including the tangible directions you would like your life to go. Because our time every day is limited, avoid distractions. Set your phone aside during times you need to focus and consider rewarding yourself after you have completed your task. Mind-calming practices such as taking walks and going to the gym can be a useful component of keeping ourselves focused on the outcomes that truly matter to us.

Lastly, simplify. While it is always healthy to be open to new possibilities in your life, be wary of overloading your plate, or multi-tasking so often that you make poor or little progress in any direction.

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