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The Benefits of Hitting Pause

Balance begets success. The value of organizing and maximizing your time cannot be overstated. At the same time, the neurological benefits of taking breaks and time-outs should not be ignored! 

In the moments we allow ourselves to rest and be still, our brain gets better at processing, sorting, and saving recent information, which in turn promotes the brain’s ability to learn and recall information in the future.

You will increase your productivity and improve your brain’s elasticity if you take time to hit pause from time to time. Healthy ways to take mental breaks include: 

Be Still. 

Sitting for even a few moments without working can do a lot for your brain. Take time away from your to-do list to listen to the stillness of your room. If you don’t have a quiet space on hand, nature, classical music, and other soothing sounds are all conducive to stillness. You don’t want to be still all day of course, for both your brain and productivity’s sake!

Practice Mindfulness. 

Focused breathing throughout your day can elevate your moments of stillness and recovery. Do not put pressure on yourself at these times; allow yourself to truly do nothing. Mindfulness is a constant practice; putting your mind on pause is not always easy, especially if you have a stressful day or full plate. Start small and work up to longer periods of focused breathing. 


Not everything in life needs to be serious! Give yourself time during your week to pursue challenging, fun activities that have minimal to no pressure to win. 


If you have been working for too long in one spot and are struggling to put your brain on pause in your workspace, step away. Get outside if you can. Stroll through the nearest green space. Moving your body can help your brain take a break from the demands of your workday and increase overall productivity. 

Get into an Activity. 

Drawing a hot bath, birdwatching, and even cooking can enable your brain to process the day’s information more effectively. You will face the next day with a more open, elastic mind!

Get Objective Input.

In order to make sure you’re striking a healthy balance between working hard and taking necessary breaks, consult with your mentor. You don’t want to confuse procrastination and avoidance of tough tasks with your need for breaks and meaningful pauses. Your mentor can provide an outside perspective so you can stay on track of accomplishing your goals while avoiding burnout. 

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