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The Benefits of Controlled Credit Spending

Do you have a habit of using (and maybe abusing) your credit cards?

Before you rack up more credit card debt, consider the benefits below of putting credit card splurges on pause:

Your Credit Score Will Thank You.

Your credit score is like your financial report card; it helps individuals and institutions determine your eligibility for apartment rentals, auto loans, home mortgages, and other monetary milestones. One of the major factors impacting your credit score is your debt ratio, or how much of your available credit you have spent and currently owe. Carrying a debt balance from month to month will ding your credit score; if you want to keep or restore your score, set a goal of reducing your debt in a timely manner.

You Will Pay Less in Interest.

When you make a purchase with your credit card, chances are, you’ll end up paying more than just the price tag: You’ll pay back your debt with interest. Interest is an added percentage that grows your debt balance over time. The less debt you accrue, the less money you will lose to interest.

Your Financial Stability Will Improve.

Monthly credit card payments can take a bite out of your spending and saving budget. When it comes to hitting your savings goals, every dollar counts! The less you pay each month in debt, the more you can contribute to your emergency fund and financial foundation.

You’ll Get More Value from Your Money in the Long Run.

The less money you owe, the more money you’ll have in your pocket to save for your long-term goals, like retirement. Planning and disciplining your credit card spending will also help you nurture long-term habits that can only benefit your financial growth.

Your Stress Levels Will Improve.

For the sake of your mind and body, keep your credit card spending under control. Debt has been shown to have negative impacts on mental health. You will feel lighter each day knowing that you are not in credit card debt. The less stress you experience, the more you can do and enjoy each day!

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