Summer Savings: So Hot Right Now

Summer is in full-swing. Are the costs of the potlucks and trips to the lake adding up faster than expected? Here are ways you can counterbalance summer expenses:

  • Don’t Drive: Could you bike, walk, or take public transit to your destination? Make the journey part of the fun! When it comes to work, carpool, or even ask your boss about telecommuting certain days.
  • Don’t Pay Full Price: Check stores like membership warehouse clubs and supermarket chains for discounted admission to theme and water parks. Most museums and public gardens also have free admission days!
  • Take Control of Your Power Bill: Turn off the lights and unplug appliances you’re not using. Even better, make a point of spending more time outside. Once the cooler evening weather hits, take a walk or cook outdoors.

Follow these tips and take a break from spending. As a result, your summer will provide you financial peace of mind.


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