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Stop Stressing and Start Succeeding!

The entrepreneurial journey is filled with stressful moments. Any worthwhile and fulfilling endeavor brings on risk and stress. How we deal with adversity right now makes all the difference as we work toward short- and long-term goals. 

Unchecked, stress can lead to stagnation. And by falling into the procrastination trap, we avoid taking action to accomplish our ambitious goals. Meanwhile, focus, emotional control, and optimism are all qualities of successful entrepreneurs. These traits of self-regulation are the fuel that motivates us to spend the time and effort necessary to take immediate action. In fact, self-regulation has enabled thousands of entrepreneurs to succeed under pressure. 

What is “self-regulation”?

Self-regulation is the practice of staying aware of your emotions, thought processes, and other responses throughout your day. The goal of self-regulation is to identify and mitigate negative emotional states in order to enable meaningful action and create more positive relationships. 

Self-regulation can help you think clearly and collaborate effectively with others under stress. It can take time to learn how to self-regulate, but the results will be worth it! You can teach yourself to regulate your stress levels if you: 

Learn about Fight or Flight: Stress is natural. If you understand the biology behind your stress, you will enable yourself to reduce it. Your mind and body instinctually enter a fight-or-flight state when you encounter stressful situations. Deep breathing, regular exercise, and a healthy diet will help you learn how to regulate both your mental and physical states to reduce the impact of your stress.  

Monitor Your Stress: Stay mindful of the way stress affects you. Common stress responses include paralyzed thought processes, feelings of anger and frustration, and the desire to flee the situation. It can be incredibly difficult to create, innovate, and problem-solve when you feel this way! Once you know how stress manifests in your mind and body, you can counteract it. Schedule your favorite healthy habits into your day to help you reduce the negative effects stress has on you. Your team will thank you for it! 

Have Faith: Believe in yourself. Remind yourself of your past successes. You have overcome stressful situations in the past: You can do it again now! If you are having a particularly difficult time with a current stressor, consider reaching out to a mentor for help. 

Build a Support Network: There is, of course, only so much stress someone can take by themselves! The act of getting through stressful situations with others can, in fact, draw you closer to people. If you are having trouble regulating your stress levels, reach out to a mentor. Find out more about how they regulate their breathing, their words, and their schedules to help them counter their stress and contribute more meaningfully to their team. 

Are you tired of eating stress for breakfast? Find more ways to regulate your stress, work with your team, and walk your path to success with a smile at the Syncis Money Blog today.