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How to Share Tasks with Your Team

Working with a team can boost productivity and engender creative problem-solving. But sharing responsibilities with a group of people can also come with its own batch of unique challenges.

Whether you lead a team or would like to make more of an impression as a member of one, you will likely need time to find your ideal group dynamic. Push yourself to communicate mindfully as you and your team work to find and tweak your most comfortable, efficient work routines. 

Habits that will help you tackle tasks in harmony with your team include: 

Identifying Which Tasks You Want to Own: Clarify with your team the tasks that are your personal responsibility. Responsibilities that fall outside your area of expertise should be assigned to other team members. Similarly, don’t try to take on too many tasks alone! Stress and burnout will affect your productivity and take away from your ability to make wise decisions. 

Stressing Everyone’s Importance: Make sure that every team member understands the value of their role. If everyone has a clear understanding of their responsibilities, they will be empowered to work more efficiently. Likewise, communicate when certain tasks should take top priority on the team docket over other tasks.  

Considering Getting Help: The value of teamwork comes from the application of everyone’s unique strengths. By applying these strengths to the appropriate tasks, your teamwork saves time and trouble. If there doesn’t seem to be the time or expertise on your immediate team to tackle a particular problem, reach out to another professional for their assistance. Not sure whom to turn to? Contact a trusted mentor! They likely have tried-and-true suggestions for how you and your team could tackle your latest challenges.  

Taking Turns: Consider cycling certain roles and responsibilities through your team. Taking turns tackling these tasks can help create excitement, break up monotony, and lead to the discovery of better practices for the future. 

We cannot achieve success all on our own: In one way or another, we all build our team for the future.

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