Setting Financial Goals: Don’t Forget to Do These Three Things!

As you approach the end of the year, ask yourself: are you on-track financially? It will be difficult to meet your financial goals, whether long or short-term, if you’re not practicing wise money management on a regular basis. Ask yourself:

  • Are You Spending Too Much? Be mindful to not spend more than you make! Pay off your credit card debt, rather than accumulate more of it.
  • Are You Budgeting? This is especially necessary if you’re struggling to stop overspending. Sit down and list your necessities for the week and for the month. Create a concrete budget, and then stick to it!
  • Are You Prepared? Make space in your budget to contribute to an emergency fund, even if it’s only $20 a month. You are putting yourself in a dangerous situation without one. Should you find yourself stranded, injured, or unemployed, you’ll want that safety net in place. You deserve stability, not financial strife!

Whether it’s saving for retirement or being prepared in case of an emergency, you owe it to yourself to push through, stay frugal, and apply smart financial practices.