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Not Enough Time in the Day? How to Get More Done

Does time seem to fly by? 

There are only so many hours in the day, but you have a say in how you spend them! You’ll get your schedule and to-do list under control if you:

Get Organized. 

Make a list of everything you need to do this week. Your brain can only hold onto so much information each day! Track your meetings and upcoming engagements on your calendar. It doesn’t matter if you use paper or digital resources as long as the format makes it easy for you to see and remember your commitments.

Schedule Enough Time.

Give yourself enough time for your tasks. This includes incorporating travel time into your day. Try not to rush! The more you rush around, the more likely you are to experience stress and make mistakes.

Streamline Your Schedule.

Don’t overload your day. Likewise, don’t simply wander through your to-do list willy-nilly. Balance your daily schedule with tasks that need to be completed first, combined with tasks that move you toward your long-term goals. Likewise, if you notice you’re procrastinating on or avoiding certain tasks, put them front and center in your schedule. Tackle your biggest and most difficult tasks first, rather than putting them off for later. 

Time Block.

Group similar tasks together in your schedule. Your brain will get into a productive flow, enabling you to accomplish more in one sitting. Multitasking or switching between tasks, however, will leave «mental residue» of the many tasks you are trying to tackle at once. Allowing your mind to focus on one type of task at a time will enable you to produce better-quality work at a faster pace than if you multitask.

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