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How to Be a More Memorable Communicator

It can be tough to stand out in today’s competitive professional market. Your business will stand head and shoulders above the rest if you use clear, memorable communication tactics when you speak and write. 

You’ll make it much easier for new and existing clients to remember you and your advice if you:

Keep it Simple. 

When you speak or write messages to your clients, make your point as succinctly as possible. Don’t overstuff your communications with superfluous words or information. Your audience can only ingest so much information at once. You don’t want to risk distracting them from the important points and takeaways.

Focus on First and Last. 

When it comes to communicating with others, studies show people tend to remember the first and last pieces of information they encounter. Be strategic about what you say to new and existing clients, and when.

Use Clear Evidence or Examples. 

Help people visualize and understand what you are saying. Don’t just make claims! Back them up with evidence and explanations; you want to give them a full picture as quickly and accurately as you can. 


Be present with people. Listen to what they tell you; practice active listening. Ask meaningful questions. Take time to get to know more about their goals and passions. Strive to connect with people on an individual level. When it’s your turn to share what you do, phrase your messaging in terms that your specific audience will respond to best. When your potential and existing clients realize the benefits of your services, they’re more likely to hire (and refer!) you.


The more you communicate with people, the better you will become at communicating. If you’re nervous or don’t feel confident in your messaging, plan what you would like to write or say ahead of time. Creating even a basic outline can help you become a highly effective, memorable writer and speaker. Run your communication habits by your successful peers and mentors; they likely can give you honest, reliable feedback that will take your professional performance to the next level.

You have goals for your business: we are here to help you achieve them. More tips for growing your skillset and expanding your client list are available on the Syncis Money Blog today.