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How to Stop Avoiding Your Fears

Have you resisted completing certain tasks lately? If you feel daunted by a task or situation, don’t avoid it: devote time to overcoming this hurdle instead!  

You will help yourself face your fears if you: 

Recognize Your Avoidance. 

Ignoring a problem will not make it go away! If you’ve been putting off a task, acknowledge that you need to tackle your avoidance head-on. Reflect on why you’re not addressing this task or goal. For example, if you feel intimidated by a large or new item on your to-do list, figure out why. Shedding light on your avoidance is the first step to creating positive and lasting change. 

Plan Ahead. 

Create a plan of attack that mitigates your specific fears and concerns. Break your tasks down into small, achievable steps. Do research into the tried-and-true methods that have enabled people to accomplish the tasks you’ve been avoiding. Having a plan makes even the largest, most intimidating tasks feel more doable. 

Incentivize Yourself. 

If you’re struggling to take action toward certain goals or obligations, consider setting up a personal rewards system. For example, reward yourself with a quick walk outside or a few moments of social time after committing at least twenty minutes to the task you have been avoiding. Even spending twenty minutes approaching a difficult task can help it feel less intimidating.

Get Support. 

When you truly feel like you cannot make progress with a particular task, instead of being hard on yourself, reach out for help. Tell your mentors and other members of your support network about your efforts to overcome your fears. They likely have reliable, well-tested advice to share. 


The more experience you can get, the more confidence you will feel, even in new or challenging situations. As mentioned above, if you feel uncomfortable with a task, take small steps first to build your skillset. The more comfortable you get with something, the less likely you are to resist it.

Don’t avoid your fears: work on them! More tips for boosting your confidence and building your skillset are available on the Syncis Money Blog today.