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How to Stay Resilient and Adaptable

You never know when you and your family may need to pivot and adapt to new situations. 

You will enable yourself to be financially resilient and adaptive if you: 

Have an Emergency Fund: Unexpected spending can set you back on your goals, destabilize your financial foundation, or worse, push you into debt. An emergency savings fund can help you cover unexpected costs when they arise. If you do not have an emergency fund, prioritize saving enough funds to cover at least three months’ worth of expenses as soon as you comfortably can. 

Have a Team: We can’t do this all on our own. Your mentors and other members of your support network can help you prepare and adjust appropriately when a situation calls for it.

Don’t Jump on Every New Thing: Do you need to spend money on another new app, monthly subscription, or piece of hardware? Before rushing to buy or join in something new, get a second opinion. Be wary of scams and anything that promises big payouts with little to no effort on your part. If an offer sounds too good to be true or easy, it likely is. The mentors and experienced professionals in your network are some of the most reliable sources you can consult. Do research and get trustworthy advice before making any financial move, especially one that takes you into unfamiliar territory.  

Keep Doing What Works: Stick to your healthy financial habits if they have been working for you. For example, if using your budget has helped you save more over the last few months, keep up the good work! If you need to improve your financial habits, consult with your mentor. Regular saving is a crucial part of building a strong but malleable financial foundation.

Plan Wisely: Prepare for situations ahead of time. It also helps to keep in mind that you may be asked to adapt and pivot in the future in ways you didn’t anticipate. This is why having ample savings is a crucial pillar in a resilient financial foundation. Your mentor can help you prepare for potential situations, as well as adapt when the unexpected arises. 

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