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How to Start Your Day the Entrepreneur Way

If you want to fit more into your day and increase your productivity, try this one simple tip: get up earlier! While a full night’s rest is crucial, your morning routine makes a major difference in your daily performance. In fact, many of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs are early risers. So if the early-bird formula works for them, it’s worth trying out for ourselves.

Push yourself to wake up fifteen minutes earlier at a time, until you’ve found a morning routine that enables you to face your day with optimum effectiveness. To get the most out of your mornings, consider adopting beneficial habits like the five below:

Make Time for Learning: Expose your brain to new information to help it wake up in the morning. Practice a new skill, try mini language lessons, or read about a new subject each morning. This small block of time will enrich your mind in the long-term, exercise your brain, and help you prepare for the demands of your day.

Fuel Your Body: Studies show that people are more productive on the days where they work out. Plan to exercise at least three mornings a week to help you get your blood and brain moving for the day. This doesn’t mean that you have to hit the gym if you hate to do so! Choose workouts you enjoy. The Internet is a great place to find tips and videos that can help you select workouts that accommodate your body’s needs. Working out once a week with a friend is a great way to hold yourself accountable and to let off some mental steam!

You will also achieve your best performance and get the most from your workouts if you make dietary choices that will fuel you throughout your day. Prioritize protein, nutrient-rich plants, and fats. Limit your intake of sugar, which will only provide short-term energy, disrupt your mood, and confuse your metabolism.

Make a Connection: The morning is a great opportunity to slowly grow your network. Set time in your a.m. schedule to find peers and professionals online you would like to meet. Consider reaching out with a friendly message on a topic you share in common. Not every message will get a response, but you will certainly brighten a few people’s mornings! Remember, anyone you reach out to has the potential to become a client or source of support and mentorship.

Make Time for Reflection: Invest time in being quiet, grateful, and look around you. Pause is necessary for the brain. You can use this time to reflect on what matters most to you, or to spend meaningful time with family and friends.

Set Your Schedule: Instead of facing your day with a general sense of what you need to do, create a schedule to guarantee that you meet your goals for the day and make it to all your meetings on-time. If you have a large task that day, don’t face it by the seat of your pants! Take time in the morning to make sure all the elements you need are where they should be to avoid last-minute surprises.

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