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How to Set Goals (and Actually Achieve Them)

Goal-setting is a vital tool for success. But the steps required for goal achievement can often prove difficult and thereby get in the way of accomplishing what you set out to do. The good news is you can improve the likelihood of achieving your goals by adopting practical habits and identifying obstacles that may be impeding your ability to succeed. Reach and complete your goals with the help of these four goal-setting tips:

Fear-Setting: Reflect on the anxiety you feel toward your goals. Don’t simply ignore or suppress your fears. Address them! Timothy Ferriss, entrepreneur and author of The 4-Hour Workweek is an advocate of the habit of “fear-setting.” Fear-setting refers to the identification of the fears that may prevent us from achieving our goals.

Write down any fears you have about moving forward with your goals. Once you have identified your fears, you can prevent and counter these worst-case scenarios if or when they come to pass. For example, if your goal is to start and run your own business, you may fear failure, loss of reliable income, or looking foolish. If you are worried about financial risk, you can save up funds that you can access in case of an emergency. You may also decide it is in your interest to maintain your current career while you develop your business on the side.

Create a Competitive Environment: You will find strength in numbers! Search for opportunities to work with a team of people. Seek competitive surroundings in and outside of the office; these can include work settings, gym classes, or events like trivia night. Spending time with driven people is an excellent way to motivate yourself. Teaming with others will help you find new, useful ways to reach your goals!

Keep an Open Mind: There is no one-size-fits-all formula for success. If you are willing to try different approaches to reach your goals, you will be far more likely to find the path to success that fits your personality and values. There are probably just as many strategies to reach your goals as there are goals themselves!

Find a Mentor: A respected mentor can be both a valuable source of support and advice. Their experience will provide you priceless guidance. They can help you course correct as you pursue your goals. A mentor can also be a source of accountability, which many people find encourages them and helps them maintain the discipline they need to achieve their goals.

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