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How to Make Better Decisions, Faster

The first item on your to-do list, what you eat for breakfast . . . these and a thousand other decisions shape your day! If you frequently have a hard time making decisions because you have too many options to choose from, you’re not alone. “Analysis paralysis” has affected each of us at some point in our lives! 

Help yourself overcome indecision with these six decision-making tips:

Weigh the Decision: Don’t let smaller decisions carry the same weight in your mind as larger, more important ones! Assess the gravity of the decision in front of you. This will help you put your choices and their potential outcomes into better perspective.  

Reflect, but Don’t Regret: Mistakes and bad luck happen. If a decision has not produced the outcomes you were hoping for, don’t waste time with regrets or excessive negativity. Have faith that you can learn from any situation! Turn your eyes toward your next important decision. 

Practice Self-Awareness: If you know yourself and the outcomes you want to see, you will have an easier time making both personal and professional decisions. This principal applies to good leadership as well. For example, once you know the direction the company wants to take, you can help guide your team toward your shared goals. 

Practice Decision-Making: Find opportunities to make decisions throughout your day. Start small, in places where you feel the most comfortable. Remind yourself that you are a student of decision-making. Instead of berating yourself when a decision didn’t turn out the way you expected, tell that negative voice to quiet down! Try to be more supportive of yourself and feel proud that you were brave enough to make the decision in the first place. 

Research (If You Have Time): It is always best to make informed decisions. So research as much as possible before taking major steps of any kind. To make your process more efficient, determine four or five things you would like to know prior to taking a particular course of action. If a source is not touching on the four or five topics you want to know, keep moving. 

Talk to Your Mentor: Your mentor has years of experience to share. They can help you find methods that are right for you and speed up your decision-making process! 

By reading this, you’re already making smarter choices! Help yourself be your best by researching more at the Syncis Money Blog