How to Create the Ideal Work-from-Home Space

Working from home? While it may seem like a dream come true, without discipline and focus, working from home can quickly go awry. 

These five tips can help you create a space at home where you can work comfortably and productively: 

Designate a Workspace: Instead of working from the couch (or bed!), maintain a specific area of your living space as your official office. This way, you will train your brain to get into work mode and resist the many cozy comforts and distractions you have at your fingertips. 

Get Organized: If your workspace is cluttered, you run the risk of losing or damaging important materials. Sound like you? Consider investing in a filing system. If you have a scanner, consider if going paperless will increase your productivity and diminish your eco footprint. Visual tools like boards and charts can keep you motivated and on track with your tasks and goals. A daily schedule can help you build your routine around the times of day when you are most productive. 

Support Your Body: The position of your body makes a big difference in blood flow. Poor blood circulation can negatively affect your blood pressure and stress levels. Customize your workspace to nurture your posture. A quality chair, a standing desk, or your ideal ergonomic setup will reduce fatigue and help you feel your best while you work. 

Stay Focused: Many people report that they struggle to concentrate when they work from home. To avoid this, do yourself a favor: Choose a workspace where you cannot see your television. Similarly, unless your phone is an integral part of your business, consider setting it and social media aside when it’s time to get to work. While it can be tough to balance your time between family and work, create a simple system for letting your family know when you are in do-not-disturb mode and when you are free for a visit. 

Take Breaks: Leave your workspace from time to time! A short walk outside is a great way to stretch your legs, soak up healthy vitamin D, and enjoy the calming effects of nature. Remember, use walks as a helpful way to recharge, but don’t let yourself wander too far away from your desk! Otherwise, your walk may lead to more fun and less focus than you anticipated. Breaks are intended to support your disciplined work-from-home strategy. 

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