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How to Build Financial Faith in Yourself

Whether you want to build a financial future for your family, or simply improve your financial security, the process will require time and dedication. Unfortunately, this commitment can seem overwhelming to many of us. But be wary of the damage self-doubt can do to your financial growth. If deep down, you do not believe you will achieve your goals, you will hinder your own progress! If you have faith in your abilities, however, you enable yourself to make your goal a reality.

Here are three ways you can build financial faith in yourself:

  • The Power of Positivity: Seek positive- and like-minded friends. Why? Because studies have shown that your brain is better able to accept new behaviors you suggest to it when you’re in a positive frame of mind. If you surround yourself with financially-focused friends who know your goals and strengths, they can encourage your positive habits, as well as steer you toward the ones you need in order to believe you can succeed!
  • Repetition: Just as we build an emergency fund through monthly saving, faith and belief in ourselves are created through repetition. This is why keeping positive people in our lives is also ideal—they help us repeat the need to have faith in ourselves.
  • Faith in Each Step: Break each financial goal down into smaller pieces. Instead of imaging an amount to save and then telling yourself, “I can’t save that much in a year!” focus on the month, week, or even day ahead of you. You can handle that! A “smaller” task feels easier to accomplish. You also need to avoid excessive credit card spending. Perhaps you believe in your ability to manage your money. But you realize the need to boost your income. Then to help you get to a place of financial security, turn your belief in yourself toward adding and conquering a second career!

If you actively tend to your mind, as if it is a garden, pick out every doubtful weed as it springs up, and replace it with budding faith in yourself, your financial strength will grow in no time!

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