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How to Be More Brave

Are you considering trying something new but aren’t sure if it’s right for you? Thankfully, with practice, you can become a braver, smarter risk-taker!

If you are unsure whether it’s time to try something new or to stick to your tried-and-true, take these steps: 

Research Your Options: How do you overcome your fear of the unknown? With information! When faced with new opportunities, do your research. The new information may show you that you had nothing to fear! Or, your research may help you find an even better, more useful option to suit your needs and goals.  

Get Advice: Considering a new option or plan of action? Talk to someone. Find out if your peers have taken the same or similar steps in the past. One of the best resources you can have is a mentor; this person can likely provide their own insights, based on real experience, into whether this new avenue might be right for you. 

Take Time before You Act: “Be brave” does not necessarily mean “act impulsively.” Give yourself time to consider the outcomes of new actions. If you take time to gather information and reflect on your personal preferences, you will be less likely to take steps that you might later regret. 

Control Your Risk: Assess the risks associated with the actions you are considering. Just like wearing a safety harness when rock climbing, you can take steps to protect yourself from risk. For example, if you want to try something new but there are financial risks involved, make sure you have built an adequate emergency fund before moving forward. If the risk you are facing is predominately a social one, like putting your best foot forward in a new class or at a networking event, you can take steps to prepare and reduce your butterflies. Consider practicing speaking and introducing yourself with your mentor; the benefits of putting yourself out there socially often outweigh the risk of momentary embarrassment! Control your risk by doing your homework ahead of time. 


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