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Four Ways to Avoid Budget Sabotage

A budget is the best way to practice responsible spending and stay financially on-track to meet your goals. Follow these four budgeting tips to keep your spending and saving plan working for you like a well-oiled machine:

Create a Living Budget: The budget that works for you today will not necessarily be your best budget six or twelve months down the line. Make a habit of reassessing your budget to reflect changes in your income, expenses, and savings goals. For example, if you have succeeded in paying down your credit card debt, you likely now have room in your budget to move more of your income toward your savings! 

No Savings Room: Many people create their budget with their living expenses and debt in mind. But then, they leave no room for savings! Savings are more than a pathway to the future. They also translate to a sturdy financial foundation that you can count on with confidence. An emergency fund will save you time and expenses down the road. If your regular expenses leave you with no room for saving, take two steps. First, assess if there is room in your budget to cut unneeded expenses and shift them into your savings. Second, if your budget is already streamlined, consider pursuing a second source of income, even temporarily, while you build an emergency fund (and your peace of mind!).

Don’t Get Casual with Credit: Credit counts too! Beware of making a habit of splurge spending on credit. Never act as if your credit debt exists separately from your budget. If online spending keeps pushing you into debt, consider deleting pre-saved credit card information and reminding yourself about the strain growing debt will put on your balanced budget.

Remember Annual Expenses: Your car, various membership fees, and insurance policy payments may be broken into monthly payments, or they may come due as one lump sum once a year. Make a list of these annual payments to avoid suddenly throwing your budget out of whack! If you know you have a major payment due in a few months, do yourself a favor and set aside these funds now. Having a comfortable savings will enable you to prepare for financial obligations like these, sweat-free.

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