Four Simple Tips to Avoid Post-Wedding Woes

A wedding is one of the most romantic, memorable days of your life, right? But if you’re not careful, you may be reminiscing about your day of DEBT rather than your day of bliss. From the engagement rings to the thank-you cards, the average wedding these days costs $29,858. That’s as much as a brand-new Mustang convertible!

Four ways to save:

  1. Re-Think the Bouquet
    1. Elegant, unassuming flowers… are often in the top five of wedding expenses! So before you go on a floral frenzy consider the following:
      • What time of year is your wedding? Select seasonal flowers to cut costs.


      • DIY! Crafting your own bouquets and centerpieces can save you hundreds of dollars. Recruit your bridesmaids and pour the mimosas!
      • Found an eye-catching reception venue? Tone down your centerpieces and let the room speak for itself. Bouquets can even be repurposed as centerpieces.
  2. Be Reception Resourceful
    • Hotels and halls mean pricey wedding packages. Consider:
    • Less conventional locations with character, such as parks, historical buildings, farms, or even aquariums to provide an unexpectedly beautiful backdrop!
    • Remember to weigh the cost of renting chairs and tables.
  3. Save NOW for The Rin
    1. The average wedding ring cost $6,113 in 2015. When it comes to paying for it, most engagement ring stores offer in-store credit cards. But be careful, their annual percentage rate (APR) can soar to as much as 30 percent.
  4. Set a Budget Early, and STICK TO IT.
    • This is one of your first financial milestones with your partner. Communicate! Budgeting together can help save your marriage some unnecessary bumps, and help save your credit score.
    • Websites like and give a sense of what costs what ahead of time. even offers a Budgeter built into its site.

Bonus Tip: Deep breaths! No matter what you spend, your special day will be magical.