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Your Time Is Valuable. Start Treating It Like It Is.

Have you ever wished there were more hours in the day? 

You can set yourself up to get more done during your day and make the most of your time if you: 

Get Comprehensive.

Make a list of everything you want and need to complete this month. Then track your progress as you move through your to-do list. Also look back and assess if all your time management habits have been serving you and your objectives to this point. Your mentor can hold you accountable on your goals, as well as give you their tips for improvement.

Plan Ahead.

Prepare for each day before it arrives. You will be more productive, be less stressed, and make higher quality choices for your day overall. Schedule ample prep and commute time before your meetings and commitments. Going to be away from home for a meal? Cook said meal ahead of time and bring it with you. This will save you the time and money of buying food during your workday and may be a healthier option than eating on the go. 

Time Block.

Group similar tasks together. You will enable your brain to get these tasks done more quickly and effectively. While you may think you benefit from multitasking, constantly switching between different types of tasks does not support your brain function. Multitasking can in fact make it more difficult to focus and complete work in the long run! 

Reframe Your Definition of «Work.”

The projects and challenges you face during your day are so much more than work. View the time you are productive and constructive as a positive period of achievement. You will be more inclined to focus and use your day to its fullest. 

Weigh Time to Expense.

Do you have any habits that take up your time but do not add much to your life in return? For example, while watching TV for hours can feel like it’s recharging you, you may also find yourself wondering what else you could have done with that time! Cooking can be a healthy habit, but if you have a full plate of work, it may make more sense timewise to buy your meal and not interrupt your workflow. A major aspect of time management is the act of weighing which actions are beneficial for your mind, body, and finances and which simply eat up your time. 

Respect Your Goals. 

Remember to take time for you and what matters most to you. Schedule time for self-care, reflection, and interpersonal connections. The happier and more replenished you feel, the better you will be able to use your time, knock out your goals, and work efficiently.  


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