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What’s One Secret To Success You Need to Know?

Adopting one habit can improve not only your financial and professional lives, but also your overall social life. And it’s probably not what you think! Your secret to success lies in mastering a skill that many of us struggle with: remembering someone’s name.

By simply taking the extra effort to memorize and use a person’s name in conversation, you’re improving your chances for success and satisfaction.

Here are three ways implementing people’s names into conversations can benefit you:

  • Stronger Teams: Leaders strengthen their ability to lead by remembering their team members’ names. By doing so, leaders demonstrate to their team their value, but they will also be enabled to ask for favors more effectively, as well as move team members in desired directions.
  • Repeat Business: A company is far more likely to reign in clients if it uses people’s names, early and often. For example, if you’re in customer service and you learn and use the names of your prospects and clients, in a short amount of time, you’ll impress them and they’ll feel valued and more likely become loyal customers.
  • Networking: Aspire to remember everyone you meet professionally, because you never know how the relationship will benefit you in the future. Try to learn a detail about people’s family or personal lives, which will not only help you remember their name, it will also give you a chance to check in later and show you care.

So now that you realize the value of names, how do you memorize them? The first step is to simply commit to putting effort into hearing and recalling these names. Next, repetition is the key to effective memorization. Use names not only frequently in person, but also create sound and image associations that you can repeat to yourself later, like “Dave needs a shave.”

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