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What to Do When You Hit a Red Light (in Life)

You work hard to stay positive and productive each day. When external factors interrupt your daily pace, you may start to worry about your long-term goals or your next round of bills. The hard truth is a wide number of factors can affect your career and work life, including changes in your health or personal life or in broader societal or economic conditions. 

While we cannot control what life throws our way, we can control the way we respond to changes and challenges! 

Facing an unexpected roadblock or life event? Take a deep breath. These five tips can help you stay safe and prosper when the aspects of life you can’t control come into your headlights: 

Focus on Today: Experiencing an unwanted change or interruption in your life? Take it one step at a time. Every major accomplishment is the result of many tiny steps, rather than a few major leaps. The same goes for adapting to new situations. Instead of assuming the worst or feeling pressure to act quickly, take time to get an accurate assessment of where you stand at the present moment. While projecting weeks or months ahead will fill you with uncertainty, focusing on right now is much more manageable. Maintaining peace of mind will enable you to adjust appropriately and enact a meaningful plan if needed.  

Don’t Forget Your Health: Even if your usual schedule has gone topsy-turvy, push yourself to continue to integrate healthy self-care habits into your day. A well-balanced diet and exercise will help you keep your stress levels low and productivity high. If there is ever a time you feel unwell, give yourself adequate rest and medical attention if necessary. Remember, your health comes first! 

Build a Financial Safety Net and Budget: A budget and an emergency fund are two useful financial tools, rain or shine. An emergency fund can give you wiggle room if something interrupts your income flow. This fund can also enable you to pivot from one career to another more comfortably, should you choose. Similarly, a budget can help you get the most out of your money each week. If you have experienced a slowdown in your earning power, consider simplifying your weekly expenses and create a plan. 

Watch for Signs: High stress, physical pain, interpersonal conflicts, or a poor mood at work is often an indicator that it is time for a change! If you are unhappy, overworked, or unwell as a result of your work life, it could be a sign that you need a new approach, new team, or new line of work. Of course, sometimes changes out of our control may affect our health, finances, and job in ways we could not foresee. 

Life Is about Connecting: You are much more than your job. You are the impact you have on other people. When life interrupts our ability to work and earn in the ways we are used to, we can quickly tunnel our vision onto our financial obligations. It is important in these times to have faith not only in yourself but also in those you love. Talk about how you are feeling with someone, whether it is a friend, family member, mentor, or mental health professional. They can help you regain a healthy perspective on where you are and where you are going to go next.  

Work hard when you want; relax when you want. Take control of your life. Learn more ways to live on your own terms at the Syncis Money Blog.