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What to Do When You Feel Stuck

Do you ever feel like you aren’t making progress?

If you feel stuck, stagnant, or unmotivated, there are doable steps that you can take to help get the pep back in your step. 

You can rebuild your momentum and “un-stick” yourself if you: 

Work to Identify What You Want. 

Reflect on your values. You may be feeling «stuck» because what you’re currently doing doesn’t satisfy your goals or values. Assess if you have time to fit in even an extra hour devoted to your goals and interests. Consider working with a trusted mentor to identify what next steps will be most beneficial and in line with your priorities. 

Move Your Body. 

When you feel stuck, change your location. Go for a walk outside. Consider using your space in a new way, like for yoga or a simple workout. Getting your mind and body moving can help break you out of negative mindsets and remind you that you deserve to enjoy regular self-care.

Get an Outside Perspective.

If you feel like you have lost momentum, reach out to your support network. Expressing your concerns with the people who know you and your goals can help you find new energy. Meet with your mentors. They can help you identify your strengths, as well as where you have room to improve. An outside perspective can also help you learn how to identify negative, self-defeating thoughts and overcome them in the future. Your support network may even help you find the new opportunities you were looking for all along!

Fight Your Fear and Anxiety with Small (but Potent) Steps. 

You don’t have to put pressure on yourself to leap into action on all your goals. If a task feels too large or daunting, you are more likely to avoid it. Allow yourself to take small, measurable steps each week. Consider spending even just a few minutes on the tasks that will help you move forward; you will likely see that your anxiety was greater than reality!

Set a Timeline. 

Give yourself enough time to achieve your goals, but don’t leave your timeline too open-ended, either. Have your mentors and respected peers hold you accountable to your goals. Whenever you feel like you are «stuck,» let your support network know, and they will help you get back on track with your professional, personal, and financial goals.

We are here to help you build positive momentum toward your goals. More tips for making your professional and financial dreams a reality are available on the Syncis Money Blog today.