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What to Do If You Aren’t Making Progress

Not seeing growth in your business? If you aren’t moving toward your professional, personal, or financial goals, don’t give up!

When you aren’t seeing the progress you would like, consider: 

Changing Your Habits.

Assess your daily routine. Are you taking regular action toward your goals? Likewise, ask yourself if any of your habits are eating up your time or preventing you from making the progress you seek. Consider adding more rewarding, productivity-boosting activities to your routine instead. After assessing your habits, you may realize that you would benefit from adjusting your weekly schedule. Retooling your schedule will give you the time you need to focus on progressing with your goals. 

Being Honest with Yourself.

If you aren’t making the progress you desire, it may be a sign that you need to grow your skillset. Or, it might be a sign that you’d benefit from pursuing a different source of income altogether. Reflect on your personal, professional, and financial goals. 

Getting Your Mentor’s Guidance.

Your mentor can give you a bird’s-eye view of where you stand. You can have confidence that their guidance and recommended adjustments will help you and your business succeed and exceed your expectations.

Adapting Your Plan. 

Your plan needs to work for you. If you’re hung up on a certain part of your action plan, it might be a sign that you would benefit from changing it. When you adjust your plans, update your timeline as well. Your mentor can hold you accountable  and help you achieve the growth and progress you deserve to see along the way. 

Persisting Down Your Path.

If you’re not making progress, don’t give up! Not getting the outcomes you want is not necessarily a reason to throw in the towel; it may be a sign that you need to change your approach. Your mentor can help you determine when you would benefit from making a change versus when you should put your energy into a different area entirely.

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