Want Happy, Healthy Kids?

As parents, it’s up to us to raise our kids to be confident, happy, and healthy adults. That not only involves helping them realize their potential, but we must also teach them to be responsible with their words, their bodies, and, something not everyone considers: their money. Here are three ways you can combine family fun, healthy eating, and money-smarts:

  • Save on Snacks: Make homemade snacks together, which not only teaches them to love nutritious flavors, but also shows them they can provide for themselves, rather than spending their allowance on chips and candy.
  • Family Farmer’s Market Trips: Eat breakfast together beforehand, then give your child $5-$10 to spend at the farmer’s market. Work together to help them figure out what they can afford and teach them how to stretch their dollar.
  • Encourage Entrepreneurism: Food can be a source of adventure … or profit! Help them sell lemonade, cupcakes, or even Girl Scout Cookies. You’ll help build their confidence around people and help them understand hard work is rewarding.

Teach your children early on the value of spending, saving, and earning money. That way, you’ll empower them to be future savers and sharers, rather than spenders.



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