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Top Professionals Know: It Pays to Say Thanks

If you’re on a path to success, chances are, you didn’t get there alone. The people you know and learn from have likely given you insights and helped you develop skills that have contributed to your success.

Practicing a mindset of gratitude daily has helped countless professionals build their businesses in meaningful, measurable ways. When you acknowledge who and what has helped you achieve your goals, you’re also acknowledging your own growth and discipline, as well as giving credit to the positive impact of other people’s knowledge and efforts. 

This week, remember to say “Thank you” to:

Your Clients.

Where would your business be without clients? Make a point of reaching out to your client list at least once a year to thank them for choosing you and your services. Sharing your appreciation with them will convey that you understand how precious their time and money are. Saying “Thanks” — whether with a phone call, holiday card, or friendly business lunch — creates an opportunity for you to follow up and reconnect with both your old and new clients.

Your Mentors.

Your mentors have cleared the hurdles, put in the hours, and tested (and rejected) the fads. When you listen to the insights of an experienced mentor, you set yourself up for success. The mentorship of your teachers and professionals in your field can help you avoid pitfalls and adopt solutions to life’s toughest challenges. Remember to acknowledge the people who have helped you grow professionally over the years. 

Your Supporters.

Your friends and family believe in you and your goals. As you see your business grow, take time to thank them for their unending support.


Spread gratitude during your day. When someone is kind to you or does you a favor, like holding a door open for you, thank them. Small gestures and courtesies can make everyone’s day a little brighter.

… Including YOURSELF.

You have worked hard to get where you are today. Pat yourself on the back! Make self-gratitude a regular habit. Reflecting on your efforts and achievements will help you stay grounded and focused on the goals that matter the most to you. Take time each week to take care of your mind and body; they help you perform and innovate at your best! 

When people know that you value them, they are more likely to share their time, support, and insights with you. With their help, you will keep your business growing. Spread your appreciation today! 

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