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Tips for Top Performance

Striving to perform at your best each day can help you become more productive, more competitive, and more effective.

How can you maintain your top professional performance, all day long?

You will demonstrate better memory recall, better concentration, and improved problem-solving capabilities on a regular basis if you: 

Fuel Your Body Wisely. 

What and how much you eat has a direct impact on your energy and stress levels. While caffeine can help with focus and function, too much of it can actually increase stress and anxiety, making it more difficult for you to focus. Likewise, make sure you’re getting the doctor-recommended seven to nine hours of sleep each night. Lack of sleep can not only make it harder to handle stress during the day but also increase your likelihood of becoming sick or burned out. Getting a healthy amount of sleep will greatly reduce the odds of stress slowing down your day. 

Reduce Distractions.

Your work environment impacts your professional performance. The brain is not designed to multi-task, nor can it focus fully when surrounded by visual and auditory stimuli. If your workspace is cramped, you may also be causing yourself unnecessary stress or body pain. You deserve to work in a space with as few distractions as possible; your productivity will flourish! 

Prioritize Important Tasks.

Knock out the most important tasks on your plate earlier in the day. If you catch yourself procrastinating, push yourself to dedicate at least twenty minutes to the task that you’ve been avoiding. Schedule your day ahead of time as much as possible, but also allow yourself to adapt and be flexible as needed. Time block similar tasks together. Organizing your time and tasks will dramatically boost your productivity without draining your brain. It will also help you achieve a healthy balance between your working and off-hours.

Pursue Self-Improvement. 

Allow yourself to grow at every phase of life. Self-improvement can occur at and away from work. The more you can learn, the better you will be able to problem solve for both yourself and your clients. Consult with your mentors on a regular basis; they can help you identify where you have room to keep learning.

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