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Time to Stop Putting Off Your Goals

Don’t delay your goals until the future! 

You can make progress on both your short- and long-term goals this month. You’ll enable yourself to take meaningful action on your to-do list if you: 

Figure Out What Might Be Delaying Your Progress.

If you have a habit of pushing certain tasks to the bottom of your to-do list, ask yourself why they go unfinished. Write down your negative and avoidant thoughts toward these tasks. If a particular task is causing you stress, address your anxiety. Identify the obstacles you find intimidating or daunting; work to reduce this intimidation factor by approaching challenging tasks in smaller steps. 

Assess if you can manage your days in a more effective manner in the interest of contributing more time to the goals you’ve been avoiding.

Reframe Your Mindset Toward Your Goals. 

Address your fears directly; put plans in place that protect you and reduce the risks that are worrying you. Assess how you feel now; compare this feeling to how much better you’ll feel once you’ve completed your goals. Push yourself to take small but meaningful steps toward these plans. Pursue excellence, not perfection. Once you do attempt your goals, be open to the fact that you still may face negative or unexpected outcomes, some of which may be outside of your control. Appreciate what the experience teaches you. Let it inform you as you continue along your professional path. 

Reach Out.

Do your goals feel daunting? A mentor can guide you toward a reliable, appropriate plan of action. With their guidance, you can keep yourself moving in the right direction!

Get Organized Financially.

Don’t let financial insecurity stand between you and your goals. Having an emergency fund will enable you to work toward your goals with greater peace of mind. If you’re struggling to get on top of your finances, consider pursuing an additional source of income, even short-term. Building your financial foundation will enable you to move forward with greater confidence in your planning process. 

Maintain Your Healthy Habits Along the Way.

Stress, fatigue, and burnout can all impede your ability to think clearly and face your day with confidence. Incorporate self-care and stress-reducing activities into your regular routine. The better you can deal with your stress, the better you’ll be able to use your time each day in pursuit of your goals. A habit of self-reflection will help you identify when you are avoiding certain goals and tasks. The more you practice self-awareness, the better you will become at battling any fear or doubt standing between you and your goals.

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