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Three Ways to Overcome Setbacks

As hard as we may try to avoid them, road bumps are an unavoidable part of life! Challenges, interruptions, and slowdowns can get in the way of your professional progress at any time. 

You can pull yourself and your business back into a positive momentum today if you: 

Adopt Healthier Habits. 

Nourish yourself with healthy foods. Push yourself to resist high-sugar products, which can lead to energy crashes and mood swings. Try to incorporate physical activity into your day whenever possible. Maintain a positive mindset; nurture self-care. Celebrate your own successes and support the successes of others! Try to keep your urges to criticize yourself in check. It is fine to identify and work through stressors in your day, but you also will only create more negativity, not solutions, if you make a habit of fixating on them. While it can be cathartic to vent our stress occasionally, try not to make complaining with friends or teammates a habit. 

Spend Time Rebuilding 

If you feel lost or deflated, give yourself time to reflect. Remind yourself of your past learning experiences. Remember what you have accomplished and overcome to this point. If you are struggling with negative thoughts, reach out. Share your concerns with your support network. Your mentor can help you pivot and adapt. It is also important to give your brain quiet time every now and then! Recuperation can help you regain your positive energy, create a plan, and make your next move with clear eyes and confidence.

Don’t Give Up 

Don’t let rejection or bad luck throw you off your path. When we struggle or stumble, we may feel like we have lost sight of what we should do next. Don’t give into your desire to give up. Start working on this goal or issue right now. Stop saying, “I’ll do this tomorrow.” Start small with achievable tasks and build up your confidence from there.

Bonus Tip: Play it smart. Give yourself the advantage: Anticipate challenges ahead of time. Create back-up, alternative, and emergency plans wherever possible. 

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