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The Value of Rest and Recovery When Building Your Business

Have you been working night and day to build your business? Don’t forget to leave room in your schedule for rest and recovery (for you, as well as your team!). 

You will enable yourself to perform at your best and help your team accomplish their goals this week if you give everyone (including yourself) enough time to: 


Like a rubber band, your brain can lose elasticity if overused or strained. Burnout and its negative effects are real! Without enough rest, you increase your risk of becoming overstressed, overwhelmed, or sick. If you’re pushing yourself too hard, don’t wait until you’re on the brink of a multiple-day meltdown. Instead, give yourself adequate sleep and quiet time each day.


You and your team deserve time to recover and recharge between periods of high output. Some of the best ways to recover from stressful periods are to relax, be physically active, and spend time with your friends and mentors. Striking a balance between pushing yourself to excel and watching for signs of burnout will help you and your team face each day feeling as creative and clear as possible. 


Take time to pause and assess how you are feeling between your commitments. Practicing relaxation techniques can enable you to channel stress and problem solve more effectively. Find moments in your day where you can hit pause, even briefly. Give your teammates the time and space to do the same. It is also important to check in with the members of your team periodically; they can likely help you make the work environment healthier and more productive for everyone.


Look around at your team and support network. Chances are someone has news worth celebrating! Acknowledging each other’s accomplishments is an excellent way to refuel and strengthen your ties with the people in your personal and professional spheres. Make sure that you celebrate your own accomplishments as well! Likewise, push yourself to eat well. Good nutrition can make a major difference in your mood and energy levels. A dedication to healthy habits is worth celebrating in itself! Set goals for yourself and your team; challenge yourself to accomplish them by your established deadlines. Strive to perform at your best while pursuing your goals, but also remember to maintain balance and self-care.

Looking for ways to bounce back? We are here to help! 

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