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The Power of Repetition

Whether you’re looking to accomplish an ambitious goal or trying to learn a new skill, one practice is guaranteed to promote lasting change in your life: repetition.

While it may feel tedious and even boring to repeat any behavior multiple times, embrace this habit! We all, in fact, learn through repetition. We cannot expect to simply stumble onto our own improvement out of the blue. But, if we make a point of repeating the traits that benefit us, the change will finally embed into our subconscious and become second nature.

Here are three ways repetition can lead you to your goals, increase your pride in yourself, and grow your overall stability:

  • Engrain Names: If you can recall the names of everyone you meet, in both personal and professional settings, you prove to those people they are valuable to you. The secret to remembering new names is to repeat the name in many different forms. Say the name out loud when you hear it, create a jingle in your head to repeat it, and definitely write the name down at the end of your day!
  • Meet Your Goal: Creating a financial plan is one thing; repeatedly executing it is another. If you make a habit of repeated saving, growth is inevitable. Repetition can make any daunting savings goal conquerable.
  • Create Change in Others: As a team leader, you might have a moment where you have suggested a change of behavior in your team, but still see them consistently returning to their old habits. Be patient. Rather than repeating a criticism to their faces, think of creative ways to re-expose them to your message, by adding office signage, or team meetings that promote the positive behaviors you want to see. People do not change overnight, but with your repeated encouragement, you will see improvement!

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